The future of telecommunications starts now!

Highlights, Tech // Lilian Samorin // Feb 22, 2024

In a rapidly digitising world, telecoms providers are looking for innovative and efficient solutions to deliver outstanding services to their customers. With THOR 11, the telecommunications industry is entering a new era characterised by its ability to create competitive advantage and meet the ever-increasing demands of the modern world. The innovative THOR 11 communication platform offers comprehensive features such as call completion, voicemail with integrated visual voicemail for iPhone and Android as well as customer self-service solutions.

What particularly characterises THOR 11 is its modularity and scalability. This architecture enables providers to quickly create and orchestrate customised services without the need for extensive development resources. The platform supports automated provisioning (CI/CD), zero downtime, a variety of interfaces for SMS, MMS, push and e-mail as well as multi-branding. This enables telecoms providers to adapt flexibly to constantly changing market requirements.

The good scalability of THOR 11 is a decisive advantage for telecoms providers in a constantly changing digital landscape. It allows resources to be quickly and efficiently adapted to current requirements. When demand for telecoms services increases, whether due to seasonal fluctuations or unforeseen events, THOR 11 can automatically provide additional resources to cope with the increasing load. This dynamic adaptation enables providers to offer their customers optimum performance at all times without any bottlenecks or outages.

In addition, the deployment of THOR 11 is fully automated. This means that new services or functions can be implemented quickly and without manual effort. In this way, telecoms providers can react quickly to changes in the market and introduce innovative services to differentiate themselves from the competition or launch new brands. Automating provisioning also helps to reduce operating costs and increase efficiency by reducing manual effort.

THOR 11 also offers comprehensive monitoring and reporting capabilities to ensure services are running smoothly and efficiently. The intuitive user interface and easy-to-use tools make it simple for administrators to keep track of the platform's performance and make adjustments as needed.

THOR 11 is more than a new product in our portfolio - it is a milestone for the telecoms industry and a significant step towards a more agile and efficient telecoms landscape. It enables providers to offer their customers a first-class experience while differentiating themselves from the competition. THOR 11 is the logical successor to THOR 10.5, which was recently launched in many Scandinavian countries.

Become part of this revolution and explore the many possibilities THOR 11 offers!