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Individual Software

Since no two companies are alike, there are no universal solutions that meet all requirements in all aspects. Individual software is therefore of essential importance - regardless of the size of the company. We tailor software directly to the needs of our customers and draw on many years of industry experience. Whether for stock corporations, smaller medium-sized businesses, companies from the telecommunications, e-mobility, aviation, classic trading environment or other business sectors: Always according to our promise "Focus on What Matters". Because we want our customers to be able to concentrate on their respective core tasks while we take care of ours - in terms of maximum efficiency and long-term success. 

From technical conception and software implementation to operation and compliance issues as well as the DSGVO, we are a reliable partner for the crucial issues of software development. Using state-of-the-art technologies and proven project methods, our experts develop customised solutions with high security and quality standards. We work closely with our customers to understand their business processes and develop a software solution that supports and optimises these processes.

Together we determine individual implementation options and - after analysing and processing the individual product customisation - define all the necessary steps up to product integration and introduction of the individual software into your company, both on a technical and personal level.

Rapid Prototyping

With rapid prototyping, we pursue an approach that makes it possible to offer rapid and iterative software development. We can access existing building blocks and arrange them flexibly. In the same way, we programme new elements as tailored software for an individual solution. In doing so, we rely on agile methodology in the sense of process acceleration, continuous exchange and rapid prototype development. This approach enables custom-fit software and seamless integration into the existing IT infrastructure of our customers.

Minimum-Viable-Produkt (MVP)

In order to get quick feedback from customers and us and to incorporate the resulting experience into the further development of a software, we use, among other things, Minimum-Viable-Products as a proven method. Only functions that are absolutely necessary for the actual purpose are implemented. As a "minimum viable product", MVP is an ideal instrument and helpful intermediate step for testing a product in use after a short development period. It defines the point in development where minimal effort and qualitative feedback meet for the first time and serves to minimise risk at an early stage in the course of product development.

Composable Applications

Creating applications quickly, easily and yet customised means competitive advantage. Our developers use Composable Applications to help identify and combine business-specific building blocks that are critical to creating customised applications. The result is scalable, fast and flexible solutions that can help your business grow competitively.

Service Integration and Management (SIAM)

Service Integration and Management is an approach to managing complex enterprise IT infrastructures consisting of multiple systems and internal and external service providers. SIAM focuses on ensuring that all providers involved coordinate, integrate and collaborate effectively to deliver a seamless customer experience.
Our Tallence experts work with clients to analyse their business needs, taking into account their specific requirements and circumstances, create the appropriate SIAM structures and use SIAM to help businesses minimise the risk of service disruption, ensure consistent service quality and enable effective service management.