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Lisa Heinz

  • Head of Digital Experience

As digital experience specialists, we develop solutions that create unique, efficient and targeted user experiences - ideally without digital barriers. To achieve this, we pursue customized and data-driven approaches, which we support with innovative AI integrations and process mining, for example. From concept to technical integration.

Together, we develop a strategic approach that optimizes the customer journey across all channels and touchpoints. We don't just write strategies on slides, we also code them strategically to generate holistic added value for our customers and yours.

AI integration in CMS

The intelligent integration of Open AI endpoints into your content management system.

From lean Open AI endpoint integration to enterprise solutions, our approaches to AI integration enable the implementation of a wide range of use cases from editorial support and translations to more customer centricity. Use efficient automation and take the customer experience to the next level with personalized and interactive content. Leave recurring tasks to AI and create scope for creativity and data-based decisions - all in compliance with GDPR, of course.

We'll convince you in an initial proof of concept - we promise!

Accessibility - for a digital world in which everyone is welcome!

Around 15% of the world's population is physically impaired, around 10% in Germany - as of 2022. With 45% of people over the age of 55, age-related limitations are also on the rise. We are all included in this consideration - both our customers and yours. So let's increase market opportunities together!

Integrate innovative solutions to ensure that your digital presence not only meets accessibility standards, but also provides a thoughtful, personalized and inclusive user experience.

From development to editing, we rely on well thought-out design structures and elements to ensure that every user, regardless of individual limitations, can navigate seamlessly and satisfactorily through your digital platform. Whether workshops on accessibility in the CMS environment, auditing or the declaration of accessibility - we support you all the way or just part of the way as required. Further information can be found in the blog article "User experience first"

Proof of Concept Process Mining

Why process mining?

In times of advancing digital transformation, companies are faced with the challenge of continuously optimizing business processes. Process mining enables a real-time insight into these processes across tools and departments through the intelligent use of data visualization and analysis. The identification of bottlenecks, the targeted optimization of processes and the increase in transparency make process mining an indispensable instrument in the creation of efficient and sustainable corporate structures.

Innovative proof of concept without implementation effort!

  • Quick start: Our POC offers an uncomplicated entry into the world of process mining without long implementation phases.
  • Dedicated instance: Work in a secure environment into which data can be imported separately, without direct implementation in your existing systems.
  • Personalized use cases make it easy to get started: Experience directly how process mining can optimize your processes and use these insights for data-based decision-making.