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Frank Moll

  • CEO

Voice Processing

In the ever-changing telco market, we help implement modern value-added services for call completion, Intelligent Network Services (IN-Services) and Customer Selfservice Solutions to realise new product ideas. Either as a completely individual development for special customer requirements or on the basis of our product THOR, the flexible and highly efficient communication platform for voicemail and IN services, used for years by some of the largest telcos in Europe.

Communication Services

Speech processing and speech-related dialogue systems, enriched with artificial intelligence, play a role in all areas of network architecture. In the broad field of Communication Services, we combine tools and services from IN-Services and Call Completion. We set up customer systems according to individual requirements and integrate, for example, extended voicemail features with options for call distribution, call transfer or text-to-speech interaction. We also implement complex IN services such as televoting systems and private network features in new or existing systems. We also implement the integration of AI services for our customers, for example in the area of automated speech processing and AI-supported dialogue systems. This opens up new opportunities to create value-added services that were previously unthinkable.

With our THOR software, we enable IT network operators to independently formulate their call flow with individual and flexible configuration of, for example, voicemail, call distribution, messaging responses and callback options. The possibility of combining individual features and converging individual components simplifies and accelerates the process of realising new product ideas.

Voice Cloudifications

Telecommunications providers are increasingly relying on cloud services in private or public clouds in order to meet the increased requirements for costs, flexibility and efficiency. Kubernetes in particular, with its flexible options, is coming into focus here, but other technologies such as VMware NFVI are also being used. We support our customers along the way with concepts, efficiency analyses, customized solutions or our cloud products.

Productsoftware THOR

Here you will find detailed information on the THOR product software