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Digital Telco

Hardly any market is changing as fast as the telecommunications market. We support telcos in optimising and expanding their digital business and point the way from a traditional and grown IT landscape to the next generation telco architecture.

We accompany telcos on this path of digital transformation with confidence and guide them through the entire process at all times in our role as consultants and trusted advisors. In doing so, we work deep in the heart of the infrastructure of many major German communications networks - our solutions are in use every day to serve the needs of millions of German customers.

Voice Messaging

The importance of voice communication in our increasingly digital world continues to grow, and companies are making highly sensible and forward-looking investments in implementing new tools of digital voice messaging as part of their customer experience strategy.

This is where we help them. Individually tailored to the wishes and requirements of our customers and also based on existing products, we realise custom-fit solutions with the highest level of customer satisfaction firmly in mind.


The market demands ever faster product development.

Cloud technologies allow a focus on the essentials and enable shorter iteration, higher scalability, reliability and more standardisation.

That's why we take companies from a rough plan to a concrete strategy to the implementation and realisation of individual added value for our customers - with leading providers, but also our own flexible solution: the Tallence Cloud.

Digital Products

We develop new solutions for the digital challenges of the future. Since everything new and future-oriented has different meanings for every company and is linked to individual circumstances and multifaceted requirements, a customer-specific approach to the task is essential.

As experts for digital transformation, we pursue the mission of creating the ideal digital solution for our customers. We work in a modular way and combine individually developed solutions with already established products for both large and small tasks. To enable a time- and budget-optimised workflow, we work together with the "Focus on What Matters" and the individual concentration of each project participant on the work area of their personal expertise. We accompany (you and) your company on this path of digital transformation with confidence and guide you through the entire process at all times in our role as consultants and trusted advisors.


E-mobility is pushing into the market at speed - exposing a scaling dilemma we know well: monolithic systems, processes and workflows are not aligned with demand. We enable parties in the market to transform their business model into digital standards without losing momentum. In doing so, we pioneer one of the youngest markets in the world with consulting, process design, implementation and integration of existing and individually developed systems.

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Digital Experience

A user experience is not only influenced by the direct contact, but also by the seamless system and communication landscape.
That's why we design and develop websites
and mobile applications with a view to the entire value chain. Whether on the basis of tried and tested platforms or as an individual solution - always tailor-made.
After launch, we provide support with operation, maintenance, application management, editing and marketing operations.