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Christian Schöntag

  • Lead "Digital Telco"

Digital Transformation as a Service

With our years of expertise at some of the largest telcos in Europe, we build robust, high-performance and efficient communications services for you. These include, for example, customized large-scale e-mail systems with several million users at outstanding cost efficiency.

In these complex telco environments, our experts move with a comprehensive 360° view of the entire chain of the project stream. We take charge of program management, concept development, implementation, operational rollout and ongoing support, including training for new systems, in order to use our experience to provide strategic consulting for our customers across all projects.

Tallence Telco Suite

The Tallence Telco Suite offers a comprehensive range of products and consulting services, including our renowned cloud-based NaaS platform, Transformation & Migration Gateway as well as Identity Management, Security and Cloud Services. Our collaboration with leading European telecoms companies such as Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica and Telia, as well as partners such as Matrixx, Celonis, Celfocus and Qualtrics, guarantees excellence, innovation and customer satisfaction.

Thanks to the modular structure of the Telco Suite, we enable flexible integration and accompany our customers through the entire process - from consulting to development and implementation, taking into account all relevant customer touchpoints on websites and mobile applications.

Legacy Transformation & Network Migration

We support telcos in their transformation from a capital-intensive and technology-focused service delivery to an efficient model based on end-customer needs.
In addition to consulting on new business models, we help decouple traditional legacy software systems and migrate existing Telco OSS/BSS to a modern, standardized and cost-efficient next generation Telco architecture.

Our experts manage comprehensive programs in the area of network migration. Starting with the validation of the migration concept, through criteria determination and capacity consideration to documentation, the project management framework covers the elementary building blocks of E2E analysis of various migration streams.

Identity-centric Process Management

With the implementation of identity-centric process management we help telcos to optimize their business processes and to transfer them into an architecture of clear user assignment.
By taking into account the identity of users and their individual user behavior in the process, it becomes possible to process and consolidate customer data and thus also to create a user experience for the customer. In addition, targeted access to relevant information results in a generally resource-saving mode of operation. And we help make business processes as a whole more efficient, secure and customer-oriented.

Next Generation Telco Architecture

In their transition to a modern architecture based on the 5G standard, we support telcos in planning and designing their new digital infrastructure. Among other things, we rely on solution concepts and guidelines from the TM Forum to achieve the highest possible interoperability between systems from different manufacturers.

Customer Identity Access Management (CIAM)

We develop a vision and strategy for the use of a Customer Identity Access Management (CIAM) for the companies of our customers (business value) and conduct a needs analysis and definition of the respective target picture. Within the framework of the Maturity Assessment, we analyse the relevant company areas with regard to CIAM-relevant issues and jointly derive the options for action in order to optimally prepare the organisation for the use of CIAM processes/technologies:

  • CIAM KnowHow: Employees are brought up to speed on the topic, we provide all those involved with an overview of the technology in order to learn how to deal with it confidently.
  • CIAM Security: The security of the individual CIAM environment, the CIAM applications and the data stored in the CIAM is an essential success factor.
  • CIAM Governance: CIAM Governance should ensure the comprehensible, secure and rule-compliant use of a CIAM. We work with you to develop the necessary rules and organisational and technical measures.

We develop customised solutions for our clients for holistic customer identity and access management. We design and document our customers' intended process in order to create the resulting basis for decision-making for the question "Make or Buy?" We then use our expertise to support the product selection and create an individual implementation concept.
Together with our customers, we define individual implementation variants and work out all the necessary steps for product integration and introduction of the individual software in their company. We take into account both technical and personal aspects and ensure that the individual product customisation is comprehensively analysed and processed.

Voice Processing and Value-added Services

The telecommunications market is subject to constant change, and we are just as agile in responding to the challenges. Our Tallence experts support their customers in the implementation of modern value-added services that enable new product ideas, not only in the voice sector. We offer both fully customised developments to meet specific requirements and the use of our own developed products in the field of Voice Messaging.

Our THOR software solution has proven to be a flexible and highly efficient communication platform for voicemail and IN services and has been successfully used for years by some of the largest telecommunications providers in Europe.