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The world is becoming more digital. Where the journey ends, even we can at best estimate. But one thing is certain: those who do not participate in the digital transformation will have a hard time concentrating on the essentials in the future. We are shaping the digital future, developing competitive products and scalable services that make it easy for our customers to set a new focus. Because we are only as successful as our customers, our partners and our employees.

We are not generalists. We are experts.
With around 130 people, Tallence develops code every day that digitises the Republic line by line, sometimes obviously in web, app or software interfaces, often subtly in the infrastructure of telecommunications, e-mobility or services of the automotive industry.

Tallence Mission

"Make Things Happen Together and Create Value in the Digital Landscape" is our mission. How exactly does this happen? As experts for digital transformation, we pursue the goal of creating the ideal digital solution in terms of maximum value creation for our clients. At the same time, however, for us it means making contributions and creating value through social engagement for projects that promote and support digitalisation in our society. We work in a modular way and combine individually developed solutions with already established products for both large and small tasks. To enable time and budget-optimised workflow, we work together with the "Focus on What Matters" and the individual concentration of each project participant on the work area of their personal expertise. During the collaboration, our clients remain the specialists in their field and receive from us the support that we bring as experts in our field. We accompany you and your company on this path of digital transformation in a spirit of trust and guide you through the entire process at all times in our role as consultants and trusted advisors.

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Working at Tallence

Are you looking for a job? We are looking! We are looking for experts in development, consulting and organisation, but above all we are looking for nice people who want to grow with their team and who want to achieve outstanding results. In other words: really good new colleagues.

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