Explore the future of telecommunications with THOR 11 - the industry-leading Kubernetes-capable platform that meets the demands of the cloud era. As a proven solution, THOR 11 empowers telecommunications providers to leverage the benefits of the cloud and deliver their services with utmost efficiency and flexibility.

With THOR 11, you can expand the boundaries of your services and set new standards. The platform not only offers industry-standard features like voicemail and call completion, but also innovative features such as Visual Voicemail for iPhone and Android. These cutting-edge capabilities enable carriers to enhance their IVR services for end-users and business customers with state-of-the-art microservices based on kubernetes while enabling dynamic scaling in private and public clouds.

This encompasses a performance enhancement of up to 30 times, facilitated by a fully stateless approach and Kubernetes-powered databases. Additionally, this infrastructure enables seamless session resumption even in the face of disruptions.

THOR is available either through a software license or as a managed service within your private or public cloud infrastructure. THOR 11 is also provided as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, featuring a flexible pay-per-user model tailored for public cloud deployments.

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Michael Kours

  • Product Manager Voice Messaging

Functionalities of THOR 11

THOR 11 is open, modular, and scalable architecture provides unlimited possibilities for users and services. By strictly separating functions and business logic, THOR 11 enables rapid service creation and orchestration, even for non-developers. The platform supports elastic scaling and automated deployment (CI/CD) across all services for efficient management. THOR 11 includes all core functionality for:

  • Telephony
  • Call Control
  • Messaging
  • Web-Services

This opens up new possibilities in the area of service creation & orchestration to even non-developers. THOR 11 is designed for Private and Public Cloud with agile deployments (CI/CD). It supports elastic scaling and automated deployment and even consolidates components across all services. In terms of:

  • Common Environment
  • Common Platform Configuration
  • Common User Provisioning Interface
  • Common Monitoring and Management
  • Common Reports and Statistics
  • Common Message Store
  • Common Billing interface

With THOR 11's Flow Designer, you can customize your IVR logic and create dynamic voice dialogues and IVR generation. Based on the created logic, MSML dialogue snippets are created and then interpreted at the MRF for audio playback and record. The platform also features store-and-forward-based message submission and notification functions, including SMS, MMS, IP-push notification for Visual Voicemail and email forwarding.

With direct connections to external resources via standard protocols like SMPP/UCP and SMTP, THOR 11 seamlessly integrates into your existing infrastructure:

  • Via SMPP/UCP
    • for sending out all SMS-based notifications (standard SMS, SMS-based Visual Voicemail client notification, missed call alerts, etc.)
    • receiving terminating SMS (e.g. service configuration SMS, provisioning SMS, trigger SMS, etc.)
  • Via SMTP for email forwarding

THOR 11 not only offers outstanding features but also comprehensive monitoring and reporting. With an intuitive system dashboard and SNMP traps for notifying system irregularities, THOR 11 ensures your services run smoothly and effectively. Additionally, THOR 11's statistics services offer a variety of evaluations to optimize the performance and usage of your services.

THOR 11 is the result of two decades of voicemail experience with Europe's leading network operators and billions of successful voice messages.

Discover the unparalleled benefits of THOR 11 - from flexible scaling to cutting-edge features like Visual Voicemail and multichannel use cases. Take your telecommunications services to the next level with THOR 11!