Tallence supports the relaunch of the Swissinfo.ch website

In June 2020 Tallence accompanied the successful relaunch of the website of its client SWI swissinfo.ch

Highlights // Lilli Ahner-Wetzel // Sep 30, 2020

Stilisierter Bildschirm und Hände, die eine Tastatur bedienen

SWI is the international platform of the Swiss Radio and Television Corporation for Swiss people living abroad and is currently delivered in 10 languages (including Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic).

This relaunch is the first joint project between the two companies.
Tallence was brought on board to strengthen the existing team with specific expertise and personnel. The project included both a redesign of the website and a comprehensive revision of the underlying architecture.

The Tallence team took over the restructuring of the backend in the relaunch process, and the results are quite a sight:
It was cleaned up and modernized, so that the project is now based on CoreMedia Version 10 and is continuously kept up-to-date. It is equipped with many practical adjustments for editors and extensive connections for external sources.
At the same time, a messaging infrastructure was created that can efficiently distribute events from the content to a large number of external partners (syndication, social media) and systems (cache invalidation, monitoring, ...).

Tallence has been a CoreMedia Partner for 15 years (currently as Gold and Certified Partner). The development team, led by Nicholas Fechner, advises and supports various customers from a wide range of industries on CoreMedia implementations and further developments