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Process Mining in Action

Highlights, Tech // Apr 6, 2021

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In the digital age, flexible processes are essential for companies to be competitive. This requires an understanding of how individual processes run and where efficiency improvements are possible and adjustments are necessary. And this is exactly where Process Mining comes into play! Process Mining is a combined approach from the areas of Data Mining, Machine Learning and Business Process Management. Tallence AG is an implementation partner of Celonis, the market leader among process mining tools.

Celonis systematically and comprehensively captures the digital footprints that business processes leave in software systems. These can be visualised, analysed and optimised with the Celonis software. The captured data is collected in real time. By using data from existing software solutions in companies such as SAP or SalesForce, process optimisations can be identified and adjustments can be initiated directly from Celonis.

By using Process Mining, various questions can be answered in real time with just one click. This includes, for example:    

  • Which supplier meets a promised delivery date?  
  • Which product generates the highest expenditures?  
  • How can I increase the quality of my order processing?  

Process Mining is industry-independent and can therefore be used everywhere. It works with sales, production, accounting, supply chain or purchasing processes. However, certain requirements have to be met:

  • The business processes must be implemented in a business information system.
  • This data must be retrievable in the form of EventIDs and Timestamps.

Accordingly, all process steps must be run through digitally. Only under these conditions processes can be analysed with the help of Celonis. At Tallence, we are convinced that Process Mining is a sustainable and value-adding approach to process management and that companies can operate more efficiently and effectively as a result.

We would be happy to evaluate the strategic feasibility for you!

By: Christina NöhrnbergSimon Schröbel und Michael Gniffke

Article by: Christina Nöhrnberg, Simon Schröbel and Michael Gniffke