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Software solution for AI applications in cooperation with Cauliflower GmbH & Co. KG

Tech // Jul 6, 2021
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Coincidence or fate? We don't want to get that philosophical today. Although the development of the cooperation between Tallence AG and Cauliflower GmbH & Co. KG could well raise this question.

To let our loyal readers answer this question for themselves, we should probably tell the story from the beginning:

Two years ago, we at Tallence opened our Code Working Space in Hamburg. A coworking space dedicated entirely to the digital industry. We want to give like-minded people a place to work and create a meeting place in the city.
Less than 2 days after opening, Lukas Waidelich, founder of Cauliflower GmbH & Co. KG, walked through our door and officially booked the very first desk - and he still sits with us today. In the meantime, no longer alone, but together with Cofounder Gianluca Speranza and their team of other 3 employees.

Of course, Lukas and Gianluca also met colleagues from our Tallence team in the Code Working Space - and as you would expect when chatting at the coffee machine - they quickly found common ground not only in the fundamental field of AI and machine learning, but also on a business level. Cauliflower was looking for a company that could support the start-up in making their business idea usable for a broader market.
How fortunate that Tallence is so diversified that we were able to offer a solution that could take our partnership to a next level.

The idea behind Cauliflower's work is a sophisticated NLP (Natural Language Processing) based algorithm that makes it possible to automatically score (customer) feedback from reviews, comments or surveys. This automated analysis can divide the content into categories such as "quality", "service", "positive", "negative" and also make content-related classifications.
The evaluations are made for the client and are returned to them in the form of management recommendations.

The idea of Cauliflower was so well received that the need for a scalable environment quickly arose in order to automate the processing of the requests and the processing of the management recommendations. So, in addition to the automatically running algorithm, an automated software solution should now as well be created for the frame management of the input and output. And that's how Tallence came into play.

Within the framework of the "Young Techies Programme" of the Code Working Space, a common basis for cooperation was quickly found. Tallence is taking the opportunity to build up expertise in how AI applications are integrated into automated systems through this partnership and can now draw on this knowledge for future customer projects that require SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions.

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The first milestone of the cooperation was already celebrated in February 2021 with the MVP, but Tallence now remains on board with Cauliflower for further development of the software. The project is managed by the Individual Software team at Tallence under the leadership of Alexander Clausius.

We are proud of this joint success story with our friends at Cauliflower GmbH & Co. KG and look forward to all future steps of the common path.