ChatGPT in my CMS – a Boost for the whole System

Integrating AI into Content Management Systems

Highlights, Tech // Eva-Maria Cromm // Jul 31, 2023

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Maurice Bambenek

  • Frontend Developer

Is artificial intelligence about to revolutionise the world in a big way? We say: Oh yes, absolutely. Some people are worried about it, others find it crazy exciting. And not only that, these people also see the incredible possibilities - even those that may not be immediately obvious.

Of course, innovation has downsides and carries risks, but the benefits we can derive from e.g. ChatGPT through the right use of artificial intelligence is what is so enticing. This is where the great opportunities lie!

What trust can I place in the answers and suggestions of the intelligent machine? The question is legitimate. Of course, we all want the highest quality, most reliable data possible, because we know the importance and implications. This makes us responsible and ultimately the quality is also based on the prompt engineering, the briefing of the artificial intelligence whose help we use. The more intelligent, detailed and precise our prompt, the more usable the answer will be.

We benefit maximally from the bundled knowledge of artificial intelligence if we not only request it for specific tasks in individual cases, but also integrate it into our everyday business in a targeted and equally routine manner. If ChatGPT is integrated into a CMS (Content Management System), for example, artificial intelligence can help to optimise the content creation process and make our daily business more efficient. Because machine-reading sparring partners are able to provide sustainable support in a short time. They can quickly point out important tasks and help us to prioritise our work. This can have the effect of increasing text quality, for example by immediately offering suggestions for style optimisation by avoiding recurring terms or unnecessary filler words.

AI-supported CMS are also able to use personalised content based on user preferences and user behaviour. The advantage is obvious: companies can provide targeted and appealing content to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction. Another quality boost lies in the support provided in the search for ideas. AI systems are able to suggest new ideas and topics for articles and blog posts by analysing current trends, market developments and user interests. Increased innovation and relevance of the content created are warmly welcomed consequences.

Of course, the advantages of a CMS with integrated AI also play out in the area of keyword research and search engine optimisation. SEO-relevant keywords and phrases can be identified more quickly, and content creators can better tailor their texts to the needs of their target group and the requirements of search engines.

Oh, and a text that automatically translates into other languages because ChatGPT is already working automatically in parallel in the background ... Wonderful!

"If your AI-supported CMS can work with pre-conceived and pre-configured prompts, the whole thing integrated directly in the system and thus in the editorial flow, it starts to be really fun, because then you're better and faster than others at creating and editing content," explains Maurice Bambenek, Lead Developer at Tallence, "here it always depends on the configuration of the bot, so that ideally you're offered variants and choices."

The benefits, which translate into quality and time savings, are weighty. Pursuing digital strategies and adapting to current trends to meet the needs of a global and ever-changing market can hardly be guaranteed to be easier and more time-optimised. In terms of global competitiveness, the integration of AI is no longer a question. Or rather, it is no longer a question of "if", but a question of "how".

Our experts have a lot of fun with the latter! Our team of developers in the area of website operation UX/UI will be happy to advise you on all questions regarding the implementation of artificial intelligence in your planned or existing application. Leave the "if" behind and talk to us about the "how"!