A Working Student at Tallence AG

A field report

Culture // Lilli Ahner-Wetzel // Nov 14, 2018

Grafische Darstellung von Getränkeautomaten
Stilisierter Getränkeautomat
Profilbild von Johanna
Werkstudenten spielen Kicker im Büro

To gather new experiences, understand how the computer scientist profession looks like in everyday practice, meet new people, apply my learned knowledge, take responsibility, have more money at my disposal. There were several reasons that led me to seek employment as a working student alongside my studies. My name is Johanna, I study information technology at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, and I am writing my Bachelor of Science thesis this semester.

A little over a year ago I was lucky to get to know Tallence AG through a fellow student. He told me about his work and how he had the opportunity to test and improve the latest software products from large companies. He also talked about a very supportive group of colleagues and good team spirit among the working students. I decided to contact him and ask him if there was still a vacancy in this area. Only a short time later I was part of the Tallence AG Team. A decision that I did not regret.

As a working student, I had the opportunity to work for one of our customers in the mobile communications sector in quality assurance and testing. We test new innovations and products in many different ways: through automated tests, directly by hand, or even with the help of small robots. Like a detective looking for the smallest error and the last opportunity for improvement. “Bugs,” as the computer scientist likes to say.

My most exciting task was probably the programming of two robot prototypes. They were to simulate the operation of a touch screen and test various applications on mobile devices. A task that I really enjoyed, and which was a real challenge. On some days the two devices almost drove me crazy, but I could always rely on the support of the team. I worked on this project for about half a year and was able to complete it with a wealth of new knowledge and skills.

Although our team is constantly growing, the atmosphere is very pleasant. Not only when technical questions arise. This is especially true for our “working student group”. We also like to do something outside of work. This ranges from eating together, to a visit to the bathing lake, to common evenings with a good drink (mainly Hessian “Äppelwoi”). I would not want to miss these friendships.

At this point, however, the “big” team should not come off short. At the quarterly meetings, which are held every six months in Hamburg, we were given several opportunities to meet colleagues from various locations. It’s a great feeling to be involved in these events and developments of the company – even as a working student. Not to mention the great locations we visited.

In the coming weeks, I will be working on my Bachelor’s thesis. Tallence AG will provide me with a supervisor, whose help I have been able to call on several times in the past few days. After completing my Bachelor’s degree I will continue with the Master’s course. Tallence AG also supports me with these plans.

In summary, I can say that it makes me proud to be able to contribute my knowledge, take responsibility, and make a profitable contribution. At the same time, I always have the support of a strong and versatile team of colleagues. I am looking forward to the coming period, to the new challenges which await me, to new exciting products that I can test and, of course, to the next quarterly meeting in Hamburg.