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Marcus Neumann

  • Head of Cloud

Cloud Consulting

In order to generate the greatest possible added value for our customers in the long term, our consulting approach involves defining the right cloud strategy together at the outset. Our experts work with you to analyze the current situation, taking into account business and technical processes, IT infrastructure, required and necessary security aspects, individual skills and roles. The result is a strategy and technical design that aligns vision and goals with business requirements. In this way, we maximize the business value of the cloud infrastructure and create cost transparency. 

For implementation, we use cloud services and abstractions in combination with proven and cost-optimized open source solutions, individually tailored to the customer's requirements. We ensure the security of the cloud computing environment, the cloud applications and the data stored in the cloud. Cloud governance is designed to ensure the traceable, secure and compliant use of cloud services. We also attach great importance to infrastructure as code and continuous integration & delivery in the GitOps process, as this is the best way to increase quality and respond to changes. 

As cloud transformations involve far more than just technology, we pay particular attention to the people and culture of the company due to the resulting changes to processes and responsibilities. Sustainability and the empowerment of our clients are at the heart of our consulting services.

Cloud Engineering

With our many years of experience in infrastructure and platform engineering as well as in cloud-native software development, we are able to meet the challenges in the field of cloud engineering with mature expertise. For 25 years, we have been helping companies adapt, transform and redesign legacy IT systems to operate optimally in the cloud and integrate them with other cloud services. We develop customized cloud-native applications and infrastructure with state-of-the-art technologies that have a positive impact on the company with real added value. 

Particularly noteworthy is the design of digital platforms as the basis for self-service APIs, tools, services and support, which are provided as an internal product.

Platform Engineering

Internal developer platforms are crucial for mastering the complex requirements of modern software development.

As part of teaching DevOps principles, we build internal development platforms for and with our customers. Efficient orchestration of different technologies enables developers to work efficiently and productively. By providing abstractions, self-service interfaces, tools and support, all business areas benefit. Developers can focus on software development, operations and security (Link Cloud Security VS Cyber Security) benefit from standardized processes and workflows, while the business gains transparency on costs and the status of development. 

We support our customers in setting up a development platform as well as in supplementing existing development tools.

Cloud Coaching

For us, cloud coaching means that you and your company are successful by enabling you to decide for yourself how you want to use the cloud. We guide you along the way and share our knowledge of the extensive cloud-native ecosystem and agile principles. 

Cloud and DevOps transformations require changes to processes and roles, requiring additional skills beyond purely technical skills. We help create a culture where people work together, regardless of their position or background, to design, develop, deploy and operate a system. 

We show how state-of-the-art solutions can be implemented through modern software development and the use of cloud technologies. In addition, our experts offer individual workshops and training sessions and support you and your organization through active coaching. 

Cloud Operations

The operation and management of digital products are particularly important to us, because their value only comes to fruition with productive customer contact.

If customers do not want to operate their platforms or products themselves, we are happy to help. 

From full lifecycle management as a platform team to ITIL service management at various service levels: Tallence is ISO 27001 certified and assumes responsibility for the smooth functioning of your digital products.

We also offer a review of existing operating processes and cloud governance. In doing so, we show optimization.