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Frank Moll

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From a product life cycle perspective, electromobility has reached the growth phase.
The time has come where charge point operators (CPO) and electromobility providers (EMP) are faced with numerous IT-related issues around integration, scaling and availability aspects.
With around twenty years of experience, we at Tallence AG can now support our customers as a competent sparring partner in solving IT-related problems.

Business Process Design

Business process design (BPD) is the creation of a new process or workflow from scratch.
Many CPOs and EMPs are confronted with challenges in the delivery and provision of services and benefits as marketing successes and demand increase. Here we can help optimise through analysis, visualisation and structuring, simplifying the required scaling through accompaniment and accelerating time to margin.

CPMS Integration

The influx of participants to the predominantly monolithic and cloud-based Charge Point Management Systems (CPMS) is rapid. This necessitates increasingly deeper and more complex integrations with operational upstream systems such as CRM, DMS/OMS, downstream processes such as billing and, last but not least, UI integration to securely map further demand escalation.

Platform Customization

If one detaches oneself from the singular view of electromobility as purely emission-free mobility on site, one recognises in an electric vehicle the energy storage on wheels. The importance and leverage of this new form of mobility becomes clear for topics related to the energy transition, sector coupling or the integration of renewable, decentralised energy generation.

Conversely, this also means that CPMS solutions must interact trilaterally with the backends for storage management and the energy trading and provision platforms. In this complex task involving the coupling of critical infrastructures, we can support with our extensive experience and expertise.

ISO 15118 Preparatory Services

The Plug & Charge function eliminates the need for a charging card. The electric vehicle and the charging station then communicate bidirectionally, and the individual authorisation of the charging process becomes redundant.
At the same time, several payment options can be stored based on certificates.

However, this scenario requires complex interactions such as certificate exchanges between the trust centres involved, which in turn require specific implementations in the business process of the CPO/EMP. By providing support in advance, we offer our clients assistance in designing the technical and organisational measures for the ecosystem.

Individual Software Development

Our team specialises in the development of end-to-end customised software. This provides a solution that is specifically tailored to the needs of the perspective users and thus customised for the respective requirement. According to the needs of our customers, we can implement as well as operate and maintain the customised solution.

Tallence & Metacharge

Innovation pressure and the constantly increasing demands on the electricity grid due to the fluctuating generation of renewable energies as well as electromobility require solutions for the challenges of the day after tomorrow: Together with Tallence AG as Expert:innenpool, technology partner and incubator, Metacharge GmbH is developing interfaces and policy control for rights management in charging processes for electric vehicles. And thus the basis for the business models for charging of the future. Learn more