Tallence cooperates with Covid-19 test facilities

Highlights // Lilli Ahner-Wetzel // Feb 18, 2021
210216 Corona Testzentren horizontal

For almost a year now, Covid-19 has been affecting all of our lives. All business sectors have been affected in various ways, be it through closures, event bans or quarantine requirements for employees. In many places, voices are being raised again and again for a well thought-out immediate test strategy that industries and businesses could make use of in order to live a certain normality within the bounds of what is possible and with little risk.

At our location in Görlitz, a partnership with sports scientist Dr. Helge Rupprich and the company Modl Medical arose, which seized exactly this opportunity.
For the now 12 Modl Medical test facilities, our colleagues in Görlitz, under the direction of Terence Böhme, have developed software that greatly simplifies the test procedures for staff and customers and keeps information paths short and secure in accordance with data protection regulations.

Originally based on our knowledge of the log2stay web app for digital guest registration, a completely independent platform was developed. The test staff works with a native app for Android, which communicates with a high-performance backend, operated in the Tallence Cloud on a Kubernetes basis.

The use of the app offering works from two sides. Centre managers use an administration interface to plan their test quantities and create QR codes, which are used in the testing process. For people who want to be tested, the service can be accessed via a website (https://www.publictesting.de). Here, customers can register individually and receive a personalised QR code, which is linked to their individual test on site at the test centre. The test result is transmitted in the shortest possible time via the contact details provided when the customer registered. Depending on the result, the information is sent together with appropriate behavioural recommendations regarding quarantine or similar.

Especially in cities close to the national borders, such as Görlitz, the test centres of Modl Medical are a safe support for cross-border commuters, who sometimes have to submit negative test results several times a week for their jobs. For this purpose, the platform sends corresponding certificates by e-mail.

The best-known test centre is currently the infamous KitKatClub in Berlin. The other test centres of Modl Medical, which are already operated by Tallence through the support of the app, are located in Munich, Görlitz, Augsburg, Bottrop, Hamburg, Hagen and Pappenheim, among others. Further centres are being planned nationwide.