We Need to Talk

Through our "Code of Communication", we anchor our values in our daily interactions.

Culture // Lilli Ahner-Wetzel // May 21, 2021

Ein Herz, welches an der unteren Seite in zwei Hände führen, die sich die Hand geben

Life is very short, and there's no time for fussing and fighting, my friend.

The Beatles / We can work it out

When we tell new employees or our clients about Tallence for the first time, we tell them about our company’s history. That we were founded over 20 years ago by a handful of students and that the spirit of those friends from back then still runs through our corporate philosophy like a bright red thread.

Of course, not everything at Tallence has remained the same over the past 20 years: we have grown - in colleagues, in competences, in successes and failures, in experiments and locations.

At a place where so much is happening and so many personalities are working together, good communication is one of the most important foundations of cooperation. Not only with our colleagues, but also with our clients and partners.

Even before March 2020, the month that changed our whole work life, an in-house team was working on a concept and an implementation strategy to define how we put our values and goals of successful communication down in writing - but also how we communicate them to the constantly growing and changing team.

Especially in the last 14+ months, we have noticed in the context of the corona pandemic that working from the home office is going great from the organizational point of view, but that the focus on communication must not be forgotten. While everyone sits alone at home in front of their screens, the small conversations at the coffee machine and also the non-verbal communication between desks are lost. These important components of everyday office life need to be addressed with extra focus.

The result of our teams work was all the more fitting for the first months of the pandemic: the Tallence Code of Communication.

Presented on an internally accessible website, all team members can find an overview of important types of communication, assistance and examples of use.

The Tallence Code of Communication (#tcoc) contains guidelines and requirements for our collaboration and communication, our feedback culture and conflict management for working at Tallence. All content is based on our corporate values. They are the breeding ground on which our culture and we ourselves can grow beyond ourselves. Above all, this code strengthens our communication with each other. It enables us to establish a lively feedback culture and to practice healthy conflict management.

Let´s Talk - mehrere Sprechblasen welche den Dialog darstellen

However, a website with lots of wise words cannot be the only point of reference and contact that our team should have with the #tcoc. So together with the Hamburg-based illustrator Stefan Mosebach, we thought about how we could make the messages of the Code of Communication even more tangible and always create points of reference both at home and in the offices.

The result is a series of diverse illustrations based on quotations from our (pop) cultural world that fit well with us and will always remind us of what is important at Tallence in the future.

We embed the illustrations on posters, Post-Its and postcards and are happy about the wonderful visual framework of our culture.