The Tallence Afterwork Talks

Culture // Lilli Ahner-Wetzel // Jan 24, 2021
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What exciting topics are my colleagues dealing with? Which projects are we currently working on? Who can support me with appropriate knowledge on certain topics? When a company reaches a certain size, many team members find it difficult to maintain a comprehensive overview of all the competencies of the entire team. It's no different for us here at Tallence. With over 130 colleagues at 5 locations - and also working from home due to Corona - this is no easy task. Of course, you know your own topics and those that your immediate team members around you are working on, but there are so many more interesting topics that are worth learning more about. After all, as of today we have 13 professional units and 85 ongoing projects!

In order to give all Tallence colleagues the opportunity to look beyond their own desks and to promote the internal exchange of knowledge, we have launched the Tallence Afterwork Talks. In these talks, different members of the Tallence team present interesting topics and projects from their everyday work to other colleagues in a relaxed, informal after-work atmosphere. Due to the Corona situation, this is currently done digitally via Microsoft Teams. Every employee can become a presenter and share and discuss his or her topics with the others.

A presentation at the beginning of the talk serves as an introduction to the topic and outlines practical use cases in order to create a basic understanding. This is followed by a question and discussion session that enables an open exchange with the speaker. In addition to questions on specific content, interfaces between the presentation topic and one's own work can also be discussed here. The presentation of the talk as well as a recording of the event (audio and video) will be published afterwards for the whole team to make the knowledge available to colleagues who could not attend the event.

We introduced the format in summer 2020 and can draw a very positive conclusion after five Afterwork Talks on topics such as retrospectives, process management, testing and CoreMedia. The Afterwork Talks are very popular and have established themselves as a cross-departmental and cross-positional platform for the internal exchange of knowledge. We want to continue to expand this platform in 2021 and are already in the starting blocks with the next exciting talks from the fields of development and consulting! We hope that we will soon be able to hold the talks in person as an on-site event with the other locations being connected via livestream!