The fundraiser is entering its final round

Thank you!

Culture // Lilli Ahner-Wetzel // Jan 31, 2022
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We want to say a big thank you to everyone who donated so diligently, because we couldn't have done it without you. For us at Tallence AG, sustainability and nature conservation are a big and important issue, so we are happy that so many of you think the same way and want to give something back to nature together with us. The donations will enable 500 new trees to grow and live on the Yucatán Peninsula. But not only nature benefits from the growing biodiversity, but also the people living there, who find new work.

Grafische Darstellung von Bäumen

From the subsequent and ton of feedback that we recieved, we have been inspired and want to round up! You have donated more than 500 trees and now we want to triple the amount! 1500 trees will be able to grow in total for the project at Plant-for-the-Planet. The campaign expired on 31.01.2022 and was then passed on to those responsible within the organization. We will soon receive an official certificate, which we dedicate to you.