Around the world — twice — with Tallence.

The year is 2021.

Culture // Lilli Ahner-Wetzel // Sep 8, 2022

Stilisierte Berge mit Schnee auf den Spitzen
Grafische Darstellung unserer 80K Challenge
Collage unserer Mitarbeiter bei Ihrem Tallence Lauf

It's March and we realize: Now we actually have a whole year with Corona behind us, we're still sitting in our home office and we haven't seen our colleagues in sooo long. At the beginning, we thought that this virus wouldn't last that long. A few weeks, maybe a few months at the most. Frustration is spreading. Do you remember that feeling that the second spring in lockdown was so much more exhausting than the first? That you've got ants in your pants and finally want the world to get back to normal. Or if not normality, that at least something happens that properly distracts from the madness that is suddenly reality.

Fortunately, our community team came up with an idea that could unite all our colleagues, even at a distance, and get the flat-chested butts off their chairs: our 2021 annual campaign "Tallence in Motion!".

Because we at Tallence are known for not doing things by halves, the challenge of our annual campaign was quite a challenge: we wanted to run, walk, cycle and swim 80,000 km together from the 01.04. - 31.12.2021.

All this with a big common goal in mind - because our board offered a fantastic prize: Finally, another joint event of the super class - all together in one place - if Corona allows it in 2022 (otherwise, of course, after).

That's how our sporting journey began:

Most of our colleagues went for a classic run, others got their hiking boots from the attic or went for a good swim during their vacation. But some had the urge for the unusual. Salsa, sailing, skateboarding, skiing, speedminton, spinning - and that wasn't even all for the letter S. One might be wondering how one dances kilometers in salsa? Of course, we had a unit of measurement at hand: any sport in which no actual kilometers could be accumulated was rewarded with 2 km / 15 minutes of sport.

Different talents require different groups.

Since we all have different talents and sporting ambitions, each team member could join one of four terrific sports groups, each representing their own characteristics and abilities. After all, nothing demotivates more than the team's over-achiever always run miles ahead of you. Meet our Zen Masters, who showed us that mental exercises and meditation are not so easy. The Power Snails, where the focus is not the fast pace, but the way to the goal. The Nimble Bees, on the other hand, were not only fast on their feet, but also extremely hard-working, which is why they were able to boast over 34,000 kilometers in the end. The clear winners of the Challenge and our hearts. But not to be disregarded were the Speeding Gazelles, at a size of only eight members (!) managed an easy 20,000 km. For them, enough was still too little.  

But even with more than 130 employees, 80,000 km is quite an achievement - which is why we had a few additional activities to drive and motivate each other. For example, our photo challenges and a digital-hybrid tallence run (completely in line with Corona: running alone in the woods at home, but at the same time all together digitally united - with winner evaluation and medals.

And then came December 2021, #diemannschaft fought hard and motivated each other over our Slack channel until the very end - only a few kilometers were still missing - but due to the Christmas break, the final kilometer evaluation was delayed until the new year. The tension was almost unbearable. But - drum roll - we made it! 82,521.39 km to be exact! Such a great team effort, we are insanely proud.

OVER 80.000 km!

With this we have circumnavigated the world 2 times. Or climbed Mount Everest just under 9 times. And the best thing is: the planning for our big event is in full swing! It won't be long now before we all travel together to Berlin for a great weekend at the grand finale. We can hardly wait!